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Afternoon matinee  /2 pm – 6 pm/ Various crap
Drive Time /6 pm – 8 pm/ Vintage Soul and Rock & Roll
Evening Block /8 pm – 10 pm/ Fairly recent sh*t. Mostly
Night time on XRaydioEverything! On random!

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Latest Top 10!

XRaydio's Top 10 - April 19

Link Wray – Fire And Brimstone
Bullet – Jay Time
Thomas Jefferson Kaye – Collection Box
Ike and Tina Turner With The Ikettes – It Ain’t Right (Lovin’ to Be Lovin’)
Endless Boogie – Taking Out the Trash
Handsome Jack – Keep On
Taj Mahal – Ain’t That a Lot of Love?
Captain Beefheart – Observatory Crest
Buchanan Brothers – Medicine Man Pt. 2
Link Wray – La De Da

Drive Time on XRaydio

Three hours of Vintage Soul and Rock & Roll! 
Every evening from 6 till 9

Our Top DJs

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Based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, XRaydio is a free, non-commercial (no ads) internet radio station for losers, winners, bikers, skaters, nerds, cerebral types, punks, show offs, bitter ageing dudes, agro yokels, garage rockers with broken guitars, cynics, lunatics, beatniks, hedonists, purists, tourists, cosmopolitans, spotty metal heads, secret agents, indie depressives and post ironic (whatever that means) speculators. And everyone else. It is suitable for those particularly advanced individuals who can tolerate our unapologetic eclecticism. XRaydio is both a music radio station and a community! Welcome aboard! And don’t forget that it’s your support that keeps us going!
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Zac Kuzmanov
Chief @ XRaydio