Classic Albums Covered – Revolver

Revolver mp3 image

Steven Carter has way too much free time and the uncanny ability to listen to a hundred cover versions of the same song to try and find the interesting ones without going completely insane. Some songs have hardly been covered at all. Some have been covered way too many times. A few not at all. The results of this obsessive behaviour are assembled into rebuilds of classic albums made out of cover versions.

  • Taxman – Loose Ends
  • Eleanor Rigby – Bobbie Gentry
  • I’M Only Sleeping – Panicland
  • Love You To – Glider
  • Here, There and Everywhere – Nataly Dawn
  • Yellow Submarine – The Bootels
  • She Said, She Said – Gov’t Mule
  • Good Day Sunshine – Roy Redmond
  • And Your Bird Can Sing – Guadalcanal Diary
  • For No One – Cilia Black
  • Doctor Robert – The Beat Bugs
  • I Want to Tell You – Ted Nugent
  • Got To Get You Into My Life – Koritni
  • Tomorrow Never Knows – The Luka State

Somewhere out in the digital wastelands, where the media streams congeal to become vast rivers depositing layer upon layer of binary silt washed down from the great cities, a lone figure crouches at the bank patiently sifting through the filth, panning for sonic gold. Occasional flickers of brightness catch on his mind and another nugget is pulled from the dirt, an echo of an echo of the past, ready to be formed into ancient and delicate structures.