Rawk’n’Roll #8

45rwk 08 mp3 image

Rawk’n’Roll is a bulgarian webzine, dealing in stoner cosmic psychedoomelia. This is their brand new 7″ vinyl series.
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  1. Rush – 7 And 7 Is
  2. Lucifer’s Friend – Hobo
  3. Dungen – Tyst Minut
  4. Touch – We Feel Fine
  5. Atomic Rooster – Tomorrow Night
  6. Percewood’s Onagram – Cause Me Pain

7″ vinyl selection by Rawk’n’Roll

7 And 7 Is – described as garage rock and proto-punk, the song was later covered by numerous bands, most notably the Ramones, Alice Cooper, The Electric Prunes, Billy Bragg, The Sidewinders, The Fuzztones, and Rush. Hobo – John Lawton (Uriah Heep) was an early practitioner of heavy metal and progressive rock. Tyst Minut – by Dungen, the name translates as “The Grove”. Tomorrow Night – The song is described as “riff-laden” and “gutsy”. Cause Me Pain – “‘Cause I’m not one of those high society queer boys.” In the beginning “Kraut-Rock” was more an insult than a striking description or label.