Rawk’n’Roll #9

45rwk 09

Rawk’n’Roll is a bulgarian webzine, dealing in stoner cosmic psychedoomelia. This is their brand new 7″ vinyl series.
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  1. The Flamin’ Groovies – Headin’ For The Texas Border
  2. The Saints – This Perfect Day
  3. Baby Woodrose – No Mas
  4. The Defectors – Bloody Bloody Mary
  5. The Cavemen – Dog On A Chain
  6. Cherry Choke – Cheetah

7″ vinyl selection by Rawk’n’Roll

Most people don’t have garages. Cars are piling rust down the street.
You’re playing rock’n’roll in the garage of someone who’s Headin’ For The Texas Border! This Perfect Day you don’t need nothing else! No Mas! So stop acting like a Dog On A Chain and get yourself a Bloody Bloody Mary! Be a Cheetah!