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Martin Panchev aka TApWATER is a DJ from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. As a connoisseur of anything trashy, his punk aesthetics show regardless of the direction he chooses on the spot. Be it techno, disco or garage rock’n’roll

TApWATER For XRaydio – 008


A Place To Bury Strangers – Never Coming Back
Factory Floor – I Just Left These As Attempts
Musiccargo – Das Herz
Body Cheetah – Shone
Ancient Methods ft. Tropic of Cancer – It Won’t Take Me
Kælan Mikla – Mánadans
In Aeternam Vale – Cars & Grils
The Peechees – Tired Imagery
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – In a Daze
U.S. Girls – North on 45
Sølyst – Eulenflug
Autolux – Curtains
Group A – Suffocated
Gertrud Stein – Panic Attack
Honney Radar – Kangoroo Court
Aborted Tortoise – Crumple Zone

TApWATER For XRaydio – 007


Digital Poodle – Soul Crush (Manie Sans Délire Revision)
Toresch – Las Locas
Grackle – Jungle (Unit 4)
Innergaze – Mutual Dreaming
Junto Club – Ikiryo
Total Control – Bloody Glass
Front De Cadea – Ouvre Ta Bouche
Karamika – Ton 13
Gel Set – Stuck On You
Benjamin Fröhlich – Spitting Image (Jack Pattern)
Sleazy – Rave Mélancolie
Aufgang B – Demo 3
Gabe Gurnsey – Falling Phase

TApWATER For XRaydio – 006


UV Race – Be Your Self
Fire Friend – Strange Feelings
Notsensibles – I Am The Bishop
Prettiest Eyes – Don’t Call
Goat Girl – Country Sleeze
Spray Paint – Brat Beater
Zig Zags – No Brains No Balls
White Hills – Stop Mute Defeat
Happy Refugees – Warehouse Sound
L7 – I Came Back To Bitch
Trans Upper Egypt – Cleopatra
Terrible Truths – Don Juan
The Oscillation – Evil In The Tree
Vianey Valdez – El Diplomatico
Theoretical Girls – Theoretical Girls
Las Cobras – Beating Hard
Yung – Uncombed Hair
Exploded View – You Got a Problem Son
Fontainers DC – Hurricane Laughter
Clem Sacco E I Suoi Califfi – The African Cry

TApWATER For XRaydio – 005


Kid, Khan, Cruise – Fat Djs
Hotline – Fella’s Doing it in Lagos
Izumi Kobayashi & Flying Mimi Band ‎- フルーツ・パフェ One Note Samba
Markus Nikolai – Passion
BWH – Livin’ Up (Putsch ’79 remix)
Your Planet Is Next – Believe
Playgorup – Make it Happen
Travel Sex – Sexiness
Mr. Master – Dog in the Night
Alexis Le-Fan – Bruzzano
V/VM – Anal Acid (butt plug edit)
The Isolators – Interdit Ce Soir
Alden Tyrel – Randezvous At Rimini
Video Sex – Ana
Fatma – Dirty Beat
The Cage – Do What You Wanna Do
Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man – Pyjama Party

TApWATER For XRaydio – 004


Borusaide – Joepardy
Diseño Corbusier – Golpe De Amistad
The KVB – Still Warm
Essaie Pas – Carcajou 3
Sandra Electronics – Her Needs
Klaus Johan Grobe – Springen Wie Damals
Featureless Ghost – Differend Way
Nacht Analyse – Autobahn
In Aeternam Vale – Give Me Your Money George
Hausfrau – Trivial Pursuits
Shoc Corridor – Iceberg
Meddicine – Black Night
Buzz Kull – Chroma
G.D. Luxxe – Red
Liste Noire – Shame
Deux – Everybody’s Night
Chérie Darling – Femme Fatale

TApWATER For XRaydio – 003


helena Hauf – gift
dva damas – clear cut
greie gut fraktion – remodel
application – siren
das ding – slash
exhausted modern – the one
privacy – no way back
bintus – 16 JP 3 lament
le car – #15(s’prang)
frank bretschneider – a soft throbbing of time
spin fidelity – asuncion live
drexciya – unknown journey XI
dexter – z.w.a.m.
q-chip – sense experience
philippe laurent – rapide 3
hydraulix – krunk
diamonv version – science of a better life
syracure & epsilove – scubatomic love

TApWATER For XRaydio – 002


Les Kellies – Keep The Horse
The Stooges – Down on the Street
The Trend – Don’t talk to her she’s just the maid
Mary Ocher + Your Government – Man Vs. Air
Iceage – Hurrah
Massimo Barsotti – Whole Lotta Love
Odonis Odonis – She’s A Death
Yound Trynas – $
The Dance – Surrogate For Hate
Parquet Courts – Wide Awake
Sneaks – Act Out
Panico – Que Pasa Wey
WOW – La Gelosia
Plague Vendor – I Only Speak In Friction
Knoxville Girls – In a Paper Suit
Nazis From Mars – I wanna be sedated
Warmduscher – Whale City
The Coathangers – Down Down
Those Handsome Devils – Hep Bop
La Flingue – Die Puppe aus 72
The Saints – Do the Robot
Peaches ft. Freedom – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Red Hot – My Guitar Kept-A-Playin’
Xen & Yovav – Hayoman Etmol

TApWATER For XRaydio – 001

tapwater for xraydio


Knoxville Girls – Oh Baby, What You Gonna Do Now
Insecure Men – Mekong Glitter
K-X-P – Magnetic North
Solid Attitude – Black Pocket
The Squares – Night & Day
Magazine – Define Gaze
The Squares – Ballad Oh The Madman
Lucas Y Los Patosos – Suerte
The Senior Service – Psyclone
The Stooges – Penetration
Hornet Leg – Wait
The Squares – The Little Girl
The Senior Service – The Girl in the Glass Case
Striplight – No Search, No Entry (Tim _Love_ Lee’s No Search Dub)
Rocket From The Tombs – Never Gonna Kill Myself Again
The Trend – Peer Pressure
Patrick Cowley – Memory Fails Me
The Trend – Zink Tabletz
Noi Tre – Distruggimi
Mastro – Mountains of Madness
Knoxville Girls – I Feel Better All Over
The Korps – So Talk To Me Karen
Wetdog – Message
Hornet Leg – Snake Oil
Patric Cowley – Cars Collide
The Squares – I Saw Your Face
The Coathangers – Wipe Out
XYZ – Drum Machine
The Saints – (I’m)Stranded
Womensaid – I Killed My Boy