TApWATER for xraydio

Martin Panchev aka TApWATER is a DJ from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. As a connoisseur of anything trashy, his punk aesthetics show through regardless of the direction he chooses on the spot. Be it techno, disco or garage rock’n’roll

TApWATER For XRaydio - 040

The Penetrators – Walk the Beat
Kevin Dunn – Nadine
Ariel Pink with Weyes Blood – Teats on Fire
Asa Moto – Kifesh
LA Vampire – Howukiss
Regional Curse – Conversion Therapy
Kuldaboli – Eðlileg Mannvera
Kedr Livanskiy – Ivan Kupala
Ravioli Me Away – Bijoux Baby
Staer – Det är nyår, Jävlar
Rick Bishop – Barbary
Platinum Boys – Natural Feel
Pink Street Boys – Gera það
Shintaro Sakamoto – Why Can’t I Stop?
Nothing People – Explode A View
Power – Rising
Samantha Glass – From Behind Our Wings
La Düsseldorf – White Overalls
Spider and the Flies – Metallurge
The Golden Filter – Autonomy

TApWATER For XRaydio - 039

Arpnet – The Analyst
Nico Motte – Inaccessible Island
Vanligt Folk – Idioter av Församlingen
Polyphonic Size – Mother’s Little Helper
FallBeil – Disco 3
Cocksure – Baby You, Me and the Dark Web
Chailai Chaiyata & Sawanee Patana – Kwuan Tai Duew Luk Puen (You Should Die By Bullets)
William Penn Five – Swami
Wall – Charmed Life
Crno Dete – Ljubav Prema Ljudima I Imovini
Bees – Voices Green and Purple
Magi – Win or Lose
Gazorpazorp – Smrt U Crvenom
Kehrschliefe – Jizz Roboten
Menko – The First Kiss
Brokenpaws & Weep, O’ Mine Eyes – Vampir (Murray CY Edit)
Jesse Paul Miller – Mysore India
Mark Van Hoen – Once When I Was Fourteen

TApWATER For XRaydio - 036

Mikado – Naufrage En Hiver
Aksak Maboul – Saure Gurke (Aus 1 Urwald Gelockt)
Kraidler – Alphabet
A2 – Remember
Coïtus Int. – My Ideal Man
Paul Haig – Blue For You
CHBB – Go Go Go
Marsico – Funk Sumatra
A5 – Kalte Erotik
Drama – Got To Get Off The Earth
FORCES – I Don’t Measure
Autumns – Je Vous Être
High Marks – Forever Dressed In Black
Lower Tar – Salted
Neon Electronics – Wicked

TApWATER For XRaydio - 035

Green Velvet – UFOs
Buttechno – Dubber Funk
214 – Growing Old Together
Hong Kong Counterfeit – Random Jazz
Hercules and Love Affair – Change
Ossia – Tumult (Lurka)
Adult. – Silent Exchange
AFX – MADMA with nastya+5.2
Actress – RUNNER
Elecktroids – Stun Gun
Grischa Lichtenberger – Hern
Acid Elf – Laboratory Pastime
Aerea Negrot – Deutsche Werden
JT Whitfield – Ansias Loop (Alexey Volkov)

TApWATER For XRaydio - 034

Jon Edifice – The Truth
Kody Nielson – Devils
Dull Knife – Go Down To The River
o13 – Ocean
Brain Donor – Where Do We Take U?
Otto Von Schirach – Zombie Prom
Old Time Relijun – Your Mama Used to Dance
Khun Paw Yann – Unknown
Nick Waterhouse – I Feel an Urge Coming On
39 Clocks – PLO
POW! – Free the Floor
Freddie May & The Power Plant – Heavy With Me
Say Sue Me – About The Courage To Become Somebodys Past
Fuzz Against Junk – Yeah Yeah Yeah
Ric Cartey With The Jiva-Tones – Oooh – Eeee
Joakim Åhlund och Jockum Nordström – Paddan och Hunden – Witch of The Waves
Big Maybelle & Rose Marie McCoy – Gabbin’ Blues
Morningface – Someday
Kitttypants – Slepoe Smyatenie
The Hollywood Argyles – You Been Torturing Me

TApWATER For XRaydio - 033

Not Waving – Watch Yourself
Shari Vari – Out Of Order
The Intelligence – L’appel Du Vide
HALCALI – Tandem
Bakterielle Infektion – Actors On Stage
Maria Minerva – A little Lonely
Mr. Airplane – Jesus On The Mainline
Routine Death – Salvaged Denim
The Honeymoon Killers – Dip It In The Gravey
Useless Boys – On Your Way
Vundabar – $$$
The Moles (UK) – Ginger Tom
Louder Than Death – No Brain No Pain
Jailhouse Fuck – 700 Bats
Verma – Ragnaraak
El Vez – Esta Bien Mamacita
Unloved – Crash Boom Bang
Pussycat – Crack Is Wack

TApWATER For XRaydio - 032

psyclones – rap til ya crap
tuff sherm – beast numeral
dj assault – i don’t care
coon daddy – freaks everywhere
luxus varta – tripten
freddie dredd – cha cha
a number of names – skitsko
dee nasty – ice cream dream ft. lady elle
gucci crew II – sally (that girl)
chi-boogie – move back
death comet crew – interior street
roxanne shanté – my groove gets better
world class wreckin’ cru – surgery
plastique de reve – rodeo mecanique

TApWATER For XRaydio - 031

Margox – Jimmy’s Grin
Dey & Knight – Ooh Da La Da Lay
Ron Zakrin – One in a Million
Taos Humm – Hi Hats Are For Post Punk Heroes
Vundabar – No People to Person
Sharhabeel Ahmed – Argos Farfish
Khana Bierbood – Bangsaen Lady
Leather Jacuzzi – Leatherette Spa
Kleenex – Ü
KOMPROMAT – Le goût des cendres
Shit & Cheap – Surfin’ Mute
Evie Sands – Can’t Let Go
The Illusions – City of People
Islaja – Tactile Material
Ela Orleans – The Sky and the Ghost
Wilson Tanner – Loch and Key

TApWATER For XRaydio - 030

The lovely Eggs – I’m a Journalist
HALLELUJAH! – We Don’t Play in a U.S.A. Band
Pollyester – Cut Diamond
The Stupid Cupids – Big Blue Bus
Christine Pilzer – Ah-Hem-Ho-Hi-Err
Catatonic Youth – I’ve Had it
Ascots – The Graveyard Creep
ŠećeЯ – Meni Nikad Nije Dosta
Jesse Mae Hemphill – I’m So Glad
Wet Hair – Grey Palisades
The Lovely Eggs – I Shouldn’t Have Said That
HXXS – Seppuku
Soft Pink Truth – Do They Owe Us A Living (Crass)
Blood Room & TANS – Second Avenue
Higamos Hogamos – Something’s Got A Hold On Me
Kassim Slamat & The Swallows – Mak Itty, Mai Illa
Willie Egan & Friends – Wear Your Black Dress
Golden Teacher – Rashomon
Moon Temple – The Short Dance
Dez Williams – Working With Machines
Alan Vega – Every 1’s a Winner

TApWATER For XRaydio - 029

The Scientists – Hey Sydney
The Honeymoon Killers – Injun Joe
The Mallard – Fog
The Vines – Emerald Ivy
TJ & The Lipstix – Hey!
Imperial Wax – Turncoat
The Weathermen – Timebomb Benny
Basement 5 – Riot
Bewitched – Neon Angel
Algebra Suicide – Tuesdya Tasted Good
Mattiel – Je Ne Me Coonais Pa
Hey Colossus – (Decompression)
Les Lullies – Night Klub
Locomia – Locomia (The Chica)
Lewis Reed – Merry Go Round
Dan Melchoir Band – This is One
Dreamdevay – ABS
Spaceways – You

TApWATER For XRaydio - 028

gnoomes – utro
shawn lee’s ping pong orchestra – booya
dury,crécy & holliday – tais toi
das muster – vorwerts
american nudism – negative space
superette – touch me
young pioneers – pop shark
yann tomita – we travel the spaceways #1
phase fatale & silent servant – plastic motion
rené couteau – pas ta courroie
solvent – built0in microphone
executive slacks – the bus
kluentah – give up the gods
camaro’s gang – the beast day
the staches – transistor
the rockets – little donna
the monotones – zombi
laps – who me?

TApWATER For XRaydio - 027

feral beat – cold lover
wolfmanhattan project – now now now
tanz ohne musik – arabian tongues
maraudeur – trash
the babe rainbow – cool cat vibe
the rockin vickers – i go ape
jaakko eino kalevi – emotions in motion
inutili – minus-log
suzanne ciani – birth of venus
vomit pigs – my face is on your lunchbox
lispector – the cult of less
the screws – the storm
baby buddha & david javelosa – overture / think it’s you
cat rapes dog – under god’s sky
crack cloud – philosopher’s calling
the eastern dark – johnny and dee dee
los microwaves – what’s that got to do
the peechees – on with the guayabera
freaks of nature – people! Let’s freak out
working mens club – teeth
trampoline team – before your mom comes home

TApWATER For XRaydio - 026

the heads – quad
essential tremors – the visitor
mr. president – before the peaks turn red
profil – berühren
j.c. satan – i won’t come back
warren suicide – someties
thq quails – memo from the desk of the quails
günter schickert – morning
dolly dream – the way to heaven
the table – do the standing still
sluta leta – yea song
mariah – auschwitz dream
liam kenny – twisted selecta
facit – dans le pacifique
delacave – i can do
vic godard & subway sect – holiday hymn

TApWATER For XRaydio - 025

sexy sushi – sex appeal
lostsoundbytes – sun’s anvil
space invaders – listen
dominatrix – the dominatrix sleeps tonight
ixvlf – course
xan – hotbed
venderstrooik – acid vs keta
sexazoid – unknown caller
vaskular & yula kasp – 187000
the hacker – 127 vectors
the emperor machine – we play perfect
teslasonic – tuned receiving transformer
sophie du palais – allzumenschliches
harmonious thelonious – disco marak

TApWATER For XRaydio - 024_happydayday

Mass – Mass
Telescopes – To Kill a Slow Girl Walking
His Clancyness – Uranium
Olden Yolk – Cut To The Quick
Cheap Time – Kill The Light
Parquet Courts – Stoned & Starving
Vince Taylor – Wat-cha Gonna Do
No Bra – Munchausen
Odonis – Insect
Cloudland Canyon – Rebuilding Capture
The Electric Indian – Storm Warnig
Warlocks – Shake The Dope Out
The Murder City Devils – Johnny Thunders
Mein – Black Habit
Alternative TV – Action Time Vision
Tha Parrots – Jame Gumb
George Chisholm and his Jive Five – You’ll Always Be Mine
Cosmonauts – Psychic Denim
Rigas – Happy Birthday

TApWATER For XRaydio - 023

Powell – Insomniac
Ike Yard – Night After Night
Deathscalatpr – Midnight Feast
Hep Steps – Cadillac (Vince Taylor)
The Prats – Disco Pope
Apache Dropout – 1-2-3 Red Light
Yozo Iwata – Gigolo
Krikor & The Dead Hillbillies – The Times
Dead Vibrations – Chemical Hug
Drinks – Focus on the Street
Organs of Love – Bone
The 57th Parallel – Psalm Fifty Seven
Penny Arcade – Tears In My Heart
Para Lele – Afro Eric
The Celetoids – Suicide Pact
Dios – Una Vuelta De Tuerca
Kaviar Special – How Come
A* Class – Let’s Read A Book
Nine Circles – Miss Love

TApWATER For XRaydio - 022

Ty Segall – Despoiler of Cadaver
Gazelle Twin – Better In My Day
Stratocastors – Puular Punk
MIEN – Black Habit
Couteau Latex – Démarche Fauve
Fat White Family – Tastes Good With The Money
Night Beats – Eyes On Me
Dry Erase – Pest Control
Octopus Syng – Go Away Damn Raindrops
Kosmolok – We Are The Tweeters
Cate Le Bon – Daylight Matters
Masaki Betoh – Gaucho No Sora
Lower Plenty – So it Goes
Fumaça Preta – Aquí Abajo
Blues Lawyer – Waste
Des Demonas – Skrewz
Exit Group – The Butcher
David Candy – Lullaby from ‘Rosmary’s Baby’
Confidence Man – Don’t You Know I’m in a Band
Richenel – You’ve Got The Love

TApWATER For XRaydio - 021

Akira Yamaoka – Silent Hill (Otherside)
Fenster – HBW
Troller – Storm Maker
Escape-ism – I’m a Lover (at Close Range)
Emma Acs – End
Spiritualized – I’m Your Man
La Luz – The Creature
Sean Nicholas Savage – One Sweet Thing
FACS – Exit Like You
White Hilld – Pulse (The Psychedelic Furs)
Akira Yamato – Claw Finger
Colleen Green – Maybe I’ll Get Hit By a Car Tonight
Spelling – Dirty Desert Dreams
Richard Bone – Mutant Wisdom
Tim Presley’s White Fence – Forever Chained
Part Chimp – Intro to Tomorrow Midnite
Kevin Krauter – Haec
The Soronprfbs – I Love You All
El Guapo – Hawks
Disappears – Trans Europa Express (Kraftwerk)

TApWATER For XRaydio - 020

Jeff the Brotherhood – Focus on the Magick
Trailers – Ali San
The Telescopes – Don’t Place Your Happines In The Hands Of Another
Hassle Hound – Tahitian Sideshow
Paint – Daily Gazette
Jo Passed – Glass
Chai – N.E.O.
Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie – I’m Wild About My Stuff
Tomaga – The Inexorable Sadness Of Pencils
Les Rallizes Denudes – White Awakening
DOG Power – Now Human
Camellia Hartman & The Soulful Saints – Breathin’ Hard (Over You)
The Radio Dept. – Your True Name
The Writhing Squares – Dirt In My Mind’s Eye
Jeff The Brotherhood – Relish
Soul Walkers – Can I Say It Again

TApWATER For XRaydio - 018

Nurse With Wound – Willy the Weeper
Cheap Time – Straigh and Narrow
Afrirampo – Want You
MoHa! – Dailyl Four
Death Valley Girls – Disaster (Is What We’re After)
Charlie Megira And The Hefker Girl – Rock Beivrit
Tanukichan – Hunned Bandz
Revolving Paint Dream – My My, Hey Hey
Sextile – Sterilized
François Virot – Doing it Now
Bobsleigh Baby – Plastic Jesus
Splatterpunk – XXX Terminator
Melt-banana – Sweeper
Biff Bang Pow! – In a Mourning Town
Eazyhead – Star
Local Loadies – Light, Heat, Free
Boredoms – J.B. Dick + Tin Turner Pussy Badsmell
La Hell Gang – So High
Nurse With Wound – Cruisin; For a Bruisin’ (Bacteria Bitch MIX)
Scout Niblet – 12 Miles

TApWATER For XRaydio - 017

Aktion – I’m waiting for your phone call
Sam Coomes – Stride On
Gibby Haynes and His Problem – Redneck Sex
Throw Down Bones – We are Drugs
The Tards – High Fire Hell
Strange Boys – Poem Party
Teledetente 666 – Solel Nord Est
Flasher – Skim Milk
Useless Eaters – Relaxing Death
Profligate – Laughing Song
André Bratten – Space Between Left & Right
Osynlige Mann – Airports
Goudron – Scalliwags
Brainbombs – Lipstick on my dick
No Age – Soft Collar Fad
Holydrug Couple – Ikebana Telephone Line
Vivrel – Hodamo
The Submissives – My Guitar

TApWATER For XRaydio - 016_miss.conception

Lucrecia Dalt – Tar
Boyz & Girl – Cannot Touch
Arbeit, Schickert & Schneider TM – Salicyl
Syracise – Lovventura
Kozmetika – Bluz kontrolora letenja
Rex Ilusivii – Njahara / Spomenici
Rites Wild – Deep Ocean Sands
Lia Mice – Which Memories Will Make It
Varg – Under Kestanjen
Vladislav Delay – Kaelute
Michele Mercure – An Accident Waiting To Happen
Drinks – Blue From The Dark
Phantom Band – Gravity
John Zorn – Port of Saints
Le Chocolat Noir – Maximum Capacity Reached
Mecanica Popular – Quiero Irme
Rob Hubbard – Hydrofool
Moon Temple – Bay Of Dew
LA Vampires & Zola Jesus – Searching
Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, Plank – Nervos
TBA – Sleepwalkers

TApWATER For XRaydio - 015

Run DMT – Romantic
20 Dollar Whore – Teenage Boredom
Woven Bones – Some Call it a Grave
Shopping – My Dad’s a Dancer
Soupcans – Wet Alien
Black Panties – Caught Posing
The C.I.A. – Pleasure Seeker
Le Super Borgou De Parakou – Congolaise Benin Ye
Nots – Televangelist
Dead Rabbits – Here She Comes
Scratch Acid – Damned For All The Time
Brenda Ray – D’Ya Hear Me!
Ignace De Souza & The Melody Aces – Asaw Fofo
Power Solo – Big Lips
XYX – Sobrenada
Holiday Inn – Feel Free!(feat D.a.P.)
Turzi – Thinking About Jesus
Guerilla Toss – Retreat
Suprette – I Got It Clean
Cibo Matto – Birthday Cake
Tôle Froide – NRJ Volcanique
Rancho Relaxo – Intermission
Mariah – Shinzo No Toriba
Alladin – The Sun Is On Fire

TApWATER For XRaydio - 014_warhead

Dick Stusso – Well Acquainted
Material Girls – Ya Ya
Jon Spencer – Fake
B Boys – Sound Frequency
Steve Treatment – Taste Your Own Medicine
The Everly Brothers – Love Is Strange
Naomi & The Boys – Bad Loser
Lee Hazlewood Ft. Ann Margret – Victims Of The Night
Chastity Belt – What The Hell
The Upper Class – Help Me Find A Way
Kim Salmon and Leanne Cowie – The Science Test
TOY – Energy
Broken Water – Peripheral Star
Phil Famous – Electro Pop
Balladur – Dream Baby
HXXS – Widowmaker
Il Est Viliane – Rocket Fire
Add N To (X) – Robot New York
Jakko Eino Kalevi & Long-Sam – Cruisin’
Dungen & Woods – Turn Around
The Lines – On The Air
Group Doueh & Cheveu – AZAOUANE

TApWATER For XRaydio - 013_froggodrumsticks

Bodega – Hod did this happen?
The Soft Walls – Never Come Back Again
The Rhythm Boys & Adnan Othman – Mari Ka Laut
PUBERTY – Haunt my trash
Figure Study – Divide
ŽEN – Opet Gange
Preoccupations – Anxiety
Judy Nylon & Crucial – Jailhouse Rock
Freak Heat Waves – Sell A Linw
Peel Dream Magazine – Qi Velocity
John Teo and The Stylers – Riding a trishaw around chinatown
The Sueves – May Flowers
Gurr – Computer Love
Anita Lane – Do the Kamasutra
Makeout Videotape – Baba Vanga
Amon Düül II – Chewinggum Telegram
Thought Gang – One Dog Bark
Light Asylum – Knights and Week Ends
Kitten Forever – Nightmare
Protomartyr – Here is the thing
Helen – Covered in Shade
Lashio Thein Aung – You got what you want
Hatcham Social – Don’t go to sleep

TApWATER For XRaydio - 012_shitinewyear

Céline Gillain – Fight Or Flight
The Telescopes – You Can’t Reach What You Hunger
The Writhing Squares – Astral Trane
Papercuts – Looking Trough Heather
Gap Dream – College Music
Yura Yura Teikoku – Sweet Surrender
The Coolies – Phony
Priests – Personal Planes
Calvin Johnson – Are We Ready
Evening Meetings – Merry Go Round
Sara Goes Pop – Sexy Terrorist
Warm Dog – Cruisin’ The Night
Bellmer Dolls – Pictures
DMBQ – The Fever
The Weegs – Pink Eliphant Walk
The Eyes In The Heat – Hold Up
John Wilkes Booze – Yoko Saved Rock N’ Roll
Sonic Jesus – Drift 22
Ty Segall & White Fence – Other Way
Los Seven Days – Tijuana
Alex Calder – Slowing Down
Jack Name – Waiting For Another Moon
The Shifters – Work / Life Gym Etc.

TApWATER For XRaydio - 011_funkydonky

DUST – Past Future
B. Beat Girls – For The Same Man
Barbatuques – Baiana (Wolf Mueller’s Drum Drop)
Alexander Robotnick – Dance Boy Dance
Jimi Tenor – Take Me Baby
Giovanni Damico – The Break Down
Beat Detectives – The Sickness (Åmnfx)
Godley & Creme – Babies
Mike Umoh – Shake Your Body
ESG – Like This
Richard Schmeider Jr – Hello Beach Girl
Bagarre – Your Dirty Love
Mike Simonetti & Johny Jewel – Found You In The Dollar Bin
Alek Stark – Inside You
23 Skidoo – Vegas El Bandito
Peter Brown – Penguin
Markus Nikolai – Schnitzelexpress

TApWATER For XRaydio - 010

Le Cliché – Thank You For Holding
HTRK – Mentions
18 Rays – I Feel Rain
Publicist – Momma
Mag & The Suspe – Erection
Mystery Plane – Snakebite
Cherry Sunkist – Nameless Dogs
Fanny Kaplan – Povod Nakrit’sya
Liars – Face In Ski Mask Bodies To The Wind
The KVB – Above Us
Fufanu – My New Trigger
American Nudism – Future 5-0
Forests – IKB Fortress
Sikiera – Misiowie Puszysci
Circa Tapes – Magnus
DIN A Testbild – West-Berlin Tegel Airport
Kozmetika – Ustisci
Pan Daijing – Disease (Privicy Remix)
The Focus Group – The Kool Kranium

TApWATER For XRaydio - 009

Gogogo Airheart – Rats
Percewood’s Onagram – Who’s The Sailor
Amen Dunes – Dracula
The Electric Chairs – Rock n’ Roll Cleopatra
Wax Chattels – Stay Dissapointed
Simply Saucer – I Can Change My Mind
BEAK> – Brean Down
Michelle Gurevich – Music Gets You Girl
Queta Garay – La Mecanografa
Like A TIm & Gina V. D’Orio – Angel Baby
A-Frames – Quantum Mechanic
Exploded View – Come On Honey
Mars -3E
Higher Authorities – Decades
Television Personalities – I Suppose You Think It’s Funny
Boogarins – Corredor Polonks
Solid Space – Sprectrum Is Green
American Lips – Heat Wave
Archie and The Bunkers – 112 Hours Off Fear
Sex Stains – Land of La La
Hot Nerds – WRNTKK
Olivia Molina – Concion de la Montana

TApWATER For XRaydio - 008

A Place To Bury Strangers – Never Coming Back
Factory Floor – I Just Left These As Attempts
Musiccargo – Das Herz
Body Cheetah – Shone
Ancient Methods ft. Tropic of Cancer – It Won’t Take Me
Kælan Mikla – Mánadans
In Aeternam Vale – Cars & Grils
The Peechees – Tired Imagery
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – In a Daze
U.S. Girls – North on 45
Sølyst – Eulenflug
Autolux – Curtains
Group A – Suffocated
Gertrud Stein – Panic Attack
Honney Radar – Kangoroo Court
Aborted Tortoise – Crumple Zone

TApWATER For XRaydio - 007

Digital Poodle – Soul Crush (Manie Sans Délire Revision)
Toresch – Las Locas
Grackle – Jungle (Unit 4)
Innergaze – Mutual Dreaming
Junto Club – Ikiryo
Total Control – Bloody Glass
Front De Cadea – Ouvre Ta Bouche
Karamika – Ton 13
Gel Set – Stuck On You
Benjamin Fröhlich – Spitting Image (Jack Pattern)
Sleazy – Rave Mélancolie
Aufgang B – Demo 3
Gabe Gurnsey – Falling Phase

TApWATER For XRaydio - 006

UV Race – Be Your Self
Fire Friend – Strange Feelings
Notsensibles – I Am The Bishop
Prettiest Eyes – Don’t Call
Goat Girl – Country Sleeze
Spray Paint – Brat Beater
Zig Zags – No Brains No Balls
White Hills – Stop Mute Defeat
Happy Refugees – Warehouse Sound
L7 – I Came Back To Bitch
Trans Upper Egypt – Cleopatra
Terrible Truths – Don Juan
The Oscillation – Evil In The Tree
Vianey Valdez – El Diplomatico
Theoretical Girls – Theoretical Girls
Las Cobras – Beating Hard
Yung – Uncombed Hair
Exploded View – You Got a Problem Son
Fontainers DC – Hurricane Laughter
Clem Sacco E I Suoi Califfi – The African Cry

TApWATER For XRaydio - 005

Kid, Khan, Cruise – Fat Djs
Hotline – Fella’s Doing it in Lagos
Izumi Kobayashi & Flying Mimi Band ‎- フルーツ・パフェ One Note Samba
Markus Nikolai – Passion
BWH – Livin’ Up (Putsch ’79 remix)
Your Planet Is Next – Believe
Playgorup – Make it Happen
Travel Sex – Sexiness
Mr. Master – Dog in the Night
Alexis Le-Fan – Bruzzano
V/VM – Anal Acid (butt plug edit)
The Isolators – Interdit Ce Soir
Alden Tyrel – Randezvous At Rimini
Video Sex – Ana
Fatma – Dirty Beat
The Cage – Do What You Wanna Do
Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man – Pyjama Party

TApWATER For XRaydio - 004

Borusaide – Joepardy
Diseño Corbusier – Golpe De Amistad
The KVB – Still Warm
Essaie Pas – Carcajou 3
Sandra Electronics – Her Needs
Klaus Johan Grobe – Springen Wie Damals
Featureless Ghost – Differend Way
Nacht Analyse – Autobahn
In Aeternam Vale – Give Me Your Money George
Hausfrau – Trivial Pursuits
Shoc Corridor – Iceberg
Meddicine – Black Night
Buzz Kull – Chroma
G.D. Luxxe – Red
Liste Noire – Shame
Deux – Everybody’s Night
Chérie Darling – Femme Fatale

TApWATER For XRaydio - 003

helena Hauf – gift
dva damas – clear cut
greie gut fraktion – remodel
application – siren
das ding – slash
exhausted modern – the one
privacy – no way back
bintus – 16 JP 3 lament
le car – #15(s’prang)
frank bretschneider – a soft throbbing of time
spin fidelity – asuncion live
drexciya – unknown journey XI
dexter – z.w.a.m.
q-chip – sense experience
philippe laurent – rapide 3
hydraulix – krunk
diamonv version – science of a better life
syracure & epsilove – scubatomic love

TApWATER For XRaydio - 002

Les Kellies – Keep The Horse
The Stooges – Down on the Street
The Trend – Don’t talk to her she’s just the maid
Mary Ocher + Your Government – Man Vs. Air
Iceage – Hurrah
Massimo Barsotti – Whole Lotta Love
Odonis Odonis – She’s A Death
Yound Trynas – $
The Dance – Surrogate For Hate
Parquet Courts – Wide Awake
Sneaks – Act Out
Panico – Que Pasa Wey
WOW – La Gelosia
Plague Vendor – I Only Speak In Friction
Knoxville Girls – In a Paper Suit
Nazis From Mars – I wanna be sedated
Warmduscher – Whale City
The Coathangers – Down Down
Those Handsome Devils – Hep Bop
La Flingue – Die Puppe aus 72
The Saints – Do the Robot
Peaches ft. Freedom – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Red Hot – My Guitar Kept-A-Playin’
Xen & Yovav – Hayoman Etmol

TApWATER For XRaydio - 001

Knoxville Girls – Oh Baby, What You Gonna Do Now
Insecure Men – Mekong Glitter
K-X-P – Magnetic North
Solid Attitude – Black Pocket
The Squares – Night & Day
Magazine – Define Gaze
The Squares – Ballad Oh The Madman
Lucas Y Los Patosos – Suerte
The Senior Service – Psyclone
The Stooges – Penetration
Hornet Leg – Wait
The Squares – The Little Girl
The Senior Service – The Girl in the Glass Case
Striplight – No Search, No Entry (Tim _Love_ Lee’s No Search Dub)
Rocket From The Tombs – Never Gonna Kill Myself Again
The Trend – Peer Pressure
Patrick Cowley – Memory Fails Me
The Trend – Zink Tabletz
Noi Tre – Distruggimi
Mastro – Mountains of Madness
Knoxville Girls – I Feel Better All Over
The Korps – So Talk To Me Karen
Wetdog – Message
Hornet Leg – Snake Oil
Patric Cowley – Cars Collide
The Squares – I Saw Your Face
The Coathangers – Wipe Out
XYZ – Drum Machine
The Saints – (I’m)Stranded
Womensaid – I Killed My Boy