Süheyla – Chant

süheyla dj

Süheyla is a DJ from Istanbul. Her musical taste ranges from disco, heavy psychedelic breaks, tribal, ethereal breaks to trance. We found a definite spiritual undertone in her XRaydio debut mix which she describes as:

‘the sound of the primitive future is being mixed in the cauldron!’

chant mp3 image
  1. Exquisite Corpse – Inner Rhythm
  2. Electrospy ‎– Voice
  3. Hame Dj – Zoot
  4. Young American Primitive ‎– Young American Primitive
  5. Roza Terenzi Featuring Ivy Barkakati – Modern Bliss
  6. B’zircon – Azure
  7. Rudolf C ‎– Gamma!
  8. Pillow Queen ‎– Byron’s Theme
  9. Lisene – Resonance Advisor
  10. Psy Def X – Shape The Future
  11. Underworld – Cups

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