TApWATER For XRaydio 027 mp3 image

Feral Beat – Cold Lover
Wolfmanhattan Project – Now Now Now
Tanz Ohne Musik – Arabian Tongues
Maraudeur – Trash
The Babe Rainbow – Cool Cat Vibe
The Rockin Vickers – I Go Ape
Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Emotions In Motion
Inutili – Minus-Log
Suzanne Ciani – Birth Of Venus
Vomit Pigs – My Face Is On Your Lunchbox
Lispector – The Cult Of Less
The Screws – The Storm
Baby Buddha & David Javelosa – Overture / Think It’s You
Cat Rapes Dog – Under God’s Sky
Crack Cloud – Philosopher’s Calling
The Eastern Dark – Johnny And Dee Dee
Los Microwaves – What’s That Got To Do
The Peechees – On With The Guayabera
Freaks Of Nature – People! Let’s Freak Out
Working Mens Club – Teeth
Trampoline Team – Before Your Mom Comes Home