The Lovely Eggs – I’m A Journalist
HALLELUJAH! – We Don’t Play In A U.S.A. Band
Pollyester – Cut Diamond
The Stupid Cupids – Big Blue Bus
Christine Pilzer – Ah-Hem-Ho-Hi-Err
Catatonic Youth – I’ve Had It
Ascots – The Graveyard Creep
ŠećeЯ – Meni Nikad Nije Dosta
Jesse Mae Hemphill – I’m So Glad
Wet Hair – Grey Palisades
The Lovely Eggs – I Shouldn’t Have Said That
HXXS – Seppuku
Soft Pink Truth – Do They Owe Us A Living (Crass)
Blood Room & TANS – Second Avenue
Higamos Hogamos – Something’s Got A Hold On Me
Kassim Slamat & The Swallows – Mak Itty, Mai Illa
Willie Egan & Friends – Wear Your Black Dress
Golden Teacher – Rashomon
Moon Temple – The Short Dance
Dez Williams – Working With Machines
Alan Vega – Every 1’S A Winner